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Running time: 90 minutes.

ASL interpretation: October 30

Live Audio Description: November 5

Free Live Stream w. ASL: October 30

Andrea von Wichert is furious and foaming at the mouth, with a song in her heart and a lusty spring in her step.

TRIGGER WARNING: CASSANDRA is the latest in a series of monologues crafted with razor sharp wit and featuring Andrea’s searingly hilarious social insights. She chronicles four thousand years of patriarchy, to find the roots of her own madness in the violent sacking of the ancient city of Troy. With a commitment to speaking truth which has no bounds she guides us through the hellscapes of a first love gone terribly wrong, her most secret shame, making a detour through ecstasy as she leads the audience ever closer to catharsis.

The secret lovechild of Hannah Gadsby and Spalding Gray, Andrea takes us on a joy ride through madness while tickling the ivories in a cabaret act that will absolve you of your self-hatred and sooth your soul with the power of 80s and 90s pop music.

Content Advisory

Discussions of suicidal ideation, self harm, sexual violence and coercion, abuse of power, alcohol and drug use, male violence, intimate partner abuse, homophobic language, medical system trauma, stigmatization of mental health issues.

October 30 to November 6
At the Rachel Browne Theatre, 211 Bannatyne Ave. Winnipeg, MB
Treaty 1 Territory

We are so excited to welcome you back to the theatre!
We missed you! We love you! We want you to be safe!
Proof of vaccination is required. Wellness screening before entry. Mask use is required.
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